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'The research activities of our group are focused on the intrinsic material properties of molecular semiconductors and on a fundemental understanding of the process involved in the transport of excitons and charge carriers. For this purpose, single crystals grown by various techniques, such as Bridgman-growth or sublimation under streaming gas, as well as vacuum deposited thin films of high crystallinity serve as model systemsto access the material inherent properties. By this approach we were able to indicate the possibility of coherent charge transport in ultra-pure molecular single crystals or exceptional long range singlet exciton diffusion in highly crystalline thin films.

Within the H2ESOT project we will be in charge of purification and preperation of single crystals from the materials provided by our partners in synthetic chemistry. On such systems the intrinsic thermo-electric behaviour can be accesses without undesired effects by chemical or structural inhomogeneitites and its variation with e.g. doping can be analyzed in detail. Therefore, these bulk single crystal samples will define benchmark values for the thermo-electric properties of molecular materials which will be utilized in thin film devices later on.'

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H2ESOT - FP7 funded project for Future Emerging Technologies • 2012