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17th August 2015

Itziar Hoces of the H2esot team has succeed in the fabrication of the organic thermoelectric device. The full story is available here.


23rd July 2015

The Woodward Group have had a paper accepted in Angewandte Chemie International Edition titled "One-pot Cannizzaro-cascade synthesis of ortho-fused cycloocta-2,5-dien-1-one cores from 2-bromo(hetero)aryl aldehydes" detailing the efficient, one-pot synthesis of 8-membered carbocycles.


7th July 2015

Itziar Hoces of the H2esot team also attended the International and European Conference on Thermoelectrics in Dresden, Germany with her poster titled 'Thermoelectric Device Fabrication Based on Organic Crystals'


7th July 2015

Congratulations to Kaspars Pudzs of the H2esot team who won the 2015 ITS Graduate Student Travel Grant at the recent International and European Conference on Thermoelectrics in Dresden, Germany. His poster was titled, 'Electrical and thermo-electrical properties of tetrathiotetracene iodide thin films' - click on the title to view the poster. Kaspars is a PhD student from the University of Riga (Latvia) who works under the supervision of Professor Mārtiņš Rutkis.


29th May 2015

Two of the partners of the H2esot consortium spoke at the International Conference on Thermoelectrics in Paris, 19th - 22nd May 2015.

Professors Anatolie Casian and Jens Pflaum presented a paper with the title: “Prospects of low dimensional organic materials for thermoelectric applications” Prof. Casian also attended. For more information, please visit the dedicated website.


20th May 2015

EU results update - H2ESOT Periodic Report Summay 1 (Waste Heat to Electrical Energy via Sustainable Organic Thermoelectric Devices)


20th March 2015

There is a new research article from the partners of H2esot on Thermoelectric Properties of Nanostructured Tetrathiotetracene Iodide Crystals in a Two-Dimensional Model. The article is open access so it can be downloaded directly from the website.


26th February 2015

The Woodward group have published initial details of a new TTT precursor via cascade chemistry in the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015, 11, 273-279)

PDF version - Anionic sigmatropic-electrocyclic-Chugaev cascades: accessing 12-aryl-5-(methylthiocarbonylthio)tetracenes and a related anthra[2,3-b]thiophene

HTML version - Anionic sigmatropic-electrocyclic-Chugaev cascades: accessing 12-aryl-5-(methylthiocarbonylthio)tetracenes and a related anthra[2,3-b]thiophene


2nd February 2015

I.I Sanduleac has produced a new paper, available from the Journal of Thermoelectricity, titled: 'Thermoelectric Power Factor of TTT2I3 Quasi-One-Dimensional Crystals in the 3D Physical Model'. See below:

Thermoelectric Power Factor of TTT2I3 Quasi-One-Dimensional Crystals in the 3D Physical Model


29th January 2015

The ESPRC have developed a new website for the Thermoelectric Network in the UK. The aim of the network is to bring together the Thermoelectrics community to help UK industry develop and exploit superior materials, devices and systems.

In particular the scientific objectives are to achieve greater understanding of the factors controlling thermoelectric performance of a wide range of materials and identify strategies to enhance performances, and to develop new high-performance TE materials to meet current and developing needs of different industrial sectors.

Please visit the website for more information.


22nd January 2015

Itziar Hoces of the H2esot team will present at the Technology and Materials Challenges for Energy Harvesting Conference in Birmingham on the 26th January. The event is organised by Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network and the Materials Chemistry Knowledge Centre. The title of her presentation will be 'Thermoelectric materials for energy harvesting'.

If would like a copy of the presentation or any further information, please e-mail


3rd November 2014


This proto-device was carefully fabricated at James Watt Nanofabrication Centre (University of Glasgow) by the H2esot team.

This device is the next step in the development of the organic thermoelectric materials.


22nd August 2014

A paper has been co-authored by Itziar Hoces, titled: “Thermoelectric Materials: A Brief Historical Survey from Metal Junctions and Inorganic Semiconductors to Organic Polymers”it is available in the Israel Journal of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1002/ijch.201400037.

The full list of authors - Prospero J. Taroni, Itziar Hoces, Natalie Stingelin, Martin Heeney, and Emiliano Bilotti.


27th May 2014

Papers by Prof. Anatolie Casisan and Jens Pflaum accepted for publication:

Anatolie Casian, Ionel Sanduleac, ‘Thermoelectric Properties of Tetrathiotetracene Iodide Crystals: Modeling and Experiment’, Journal of Electronic Materials 2014, DOI: 10.1007/s11664-014-3105-6

Ionel Sanduleac, Anatolie Casian, Jens Pflaum, ‘Thermoelectric Properties of Nanostructured Tetrathiotetracene Iodide Crystals in a Two-Dimensional Model’, Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, 2014, 9, 1-6, DOI: 10.1166/jno.2014.1574


23 April 2014

John Ritchie, presented short talk on ‘Organic Thermoelectric Materials’ at the University of Nottingham Sustainable Research Symposium, Nottingham, UK.


23 April 2014

Dr. Laurence Burroughs, presented a poster on ‘Fast Efficient Synthesis of Tetracenes’ at the University of Nottingham Sustainable Research Symposium, Nottingham, UK.


30 March – 04 April 2014

Prof. J. Pflaum participated in the DFG-Spring meeting (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft) at Dresden, Germany in the Condensed Matter Section.


12th March 2014

John Ritchie and Simon Woodward from the University of Nottingham presented a poster at the EPSRC Thermoelectric Network Workshop on the 26th February 2014 in Manchester.

The poster presentation was titled, “Searching for the New Leads for Organic Thermoelectrics”.


4th February 2014

The EPSRC Thermoelectric Network in association with Nano KTN will be hosting a one day meeting at the Manchester Conference Centre on 26 February. The theme for the day will be State-of-the–Art and Current Challenges.

Details of the meeting and a preliminary programme can be found here.

To register for the event, follow this link.


18th - 20th November 2013

Oral presentation at 11th European Conference on Thermoelectrics, Nov. 18-20, Noordwjik, Netherlands by Prof. A. Casian of h2esot. 


3rd December 2013

First annual h2esot review confirms we are able to access the primary starting materials needed for the thermoelectric devices planned for energy recovery.

Consortium reports directly to EU representative Carlos Saraiva-Martins (CS-M).

Year 1 meeting of h2esot (CS-M fourth from left).


8th October 2013

Professor Anatolie Casian from the Technical University of Moldova has produced a new paper, 'Organic Thermoelectric Materials: New Opportunities'. See below:

Organic Thermoelectric Materials - Professor Anatolie Casian


17th September 2013

Simon Woodward (SW) presents an overview of the H2ESOT project to the Coordinators of other EU programmes based in thermoelectrics (NANO4TE). This European Nanotechnology for Thermoelectrics Workshop has promoted a new 'Cluster' of common projects with the aim raising the profile of thermoelectric research and utilisation across Europe. Kicking-off at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland on 17.09.2013; SW is on the far right of the back row.


25th March 2013

H2ESOT's partner European Thermodynamics Ltd presented at the Eh-Network's Energy Harvesting Conference in London. H2ESOT was promoted as making significant effort on organic thermoelectrics, which could have a significant effect on energy hasrvesting. The event provided platforms to disseminate energy-harvesting advances in the UK and contained presentations and demonstrations from well-respected speakers in academia and industry, and posters from PhD students.

Please click the link below to see Kevin Simpson's presentation from European Thermodynamics.

ETL Energy Harvesting


6th March 2013

Professor Jens Pflaum speaks to Markt and Technik, a renowned German electronics newspaper, link and article attached.


28th February 2013

Wansdronk Architektuur, the UK Energy Supply Research User Group and Prof. Valdis Kampars (Technical University of Riga) appointed to external advisory board.


14th and 15th January 2013

Kick-off meeting for the project was hosted by the co-ordinator, Professor Simon Woodward at the University of Nottingham.

The kick-off meeting was highly successful which initiated a high degree of profitable discussion and allowed the consortium to meet and plan all actions for the coming 12 months.

Present was: Simon Woodward (SW, Chair), Kevin Simpson (KS), Jens Pflaum (JP), Vladimir Dimitrov (VD), Martins Rutkis (MR), Anatolie Casian (AC, via Skype).

Dr Elizabeth Gibbson (University of Nottingham) attended the scientific part of the meeting for the technical discussions on organic electronics.



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