Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


'The research activities of our group are focused on the development of efficient and flexible routes for sythesis of multifunctional organic compounds - intermediates, building blocks and target compounds that might have diverse applications (pharmaceutical chemistry, materials science etc.) These activities include the synthesis of organometallic compounds, new chiral compounds and auxiliaries and their use for asymmetric transformations (mainly within catalytic approaches). The main interest is directed in the synthesis of new chiral compounds and analogues of natural products and evaluation of their biological activity. Significant part of the synthetic efforts is result of interdisciplinary collaborations directed to the preperation of compounds possessing important properties for application in electronic devices. The development of synthetic method is a challenge justifying the efforts irrespective of which is the target compound.

The role of the group within the H2ESOT project will be the synthesis of structurally diverse organic compounds for which is expected to possess thermo-electric properties. The variation of the structures will be performed with the purpose to improve the desired properties and will closely depend on the effects discovered by the physics. The optimization of efficient and practical synthesis methods for the promising materials will be of significant importance for the development of thermo-electric devices.'

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Dimitrov


Group webpage: http://www.orgchm.bas.bg/oss_en.html




H2ESOT - FP7 funded project for Future Emerging Technologies • 2012